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"If you want your new charitable efforts to be effective, listen to those who’ve already been down that same path."

 - Lawson Bader, DonorsTrust

Advice to the Liberty-Minded Giver from Experienced Leaders:

Kevin Williamson on supporting conservative journalists

Matt Kibbe on the new era of grassroots action

Matt Kibbe
Claire Kittle Dixon

Claire Kittle Dixon on investing in talent at your favorite non-profits

James Piereson on smart giving to colleges and universities

John J. Miller

John Miller on supporting free-speech with your philanthropy

Plus advice on supporting film projects, serving on boards, building state capabilities, aiding in crises and internationally, overcoming income inequality, and more

Each of these pieces, originally published on DonorsTrust’s Intentional Giving blog, is authored by an expert and practitioner of that particular topic.

All of these filter through the lens of advancing the principles of liberty— limited government, personal responsibility, and free enterprise.

Those ideas make up the core of DonorsTrust, a community foundation created to advance liberty and protect the intent of donors such as you who value those same ideals.

We believe in the power of private philanthropy to change lives in a positive way. If you share those values, you will glean a great deal of this booklet.