Do you want a simpler, tax-friendly way to support charity?

Then you should learn more about DonorTrust, the community foundation for liberty.

DonorsTrust is the only donor-advised fund built with you in mind – someone with a passion for smaller government and a spirit of free enterprise. Someone who believes that private giving, not government handouts, will improve American lives.

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A donor-advised fund is the smart, easy way to give. And DonorsTrust is a partner who shares your values. This short video shows you exactly how it works.


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A fund at DonorsTrust can help your giving in so many ways:

More Time: You don't rush your other investments. Why rush your charitable ones? Open a donor-advised fund with DonorsTrust today, immediately receive your tax deduction, and give yourself time to make a smart decision on which charitable groups to support.

More Information: Don't know where to give? DonorsTrust's philanthropic experts can help tease out the causes and organizations doing good work you'll be excited to support.

More Money: Make your giving go farther by contributing appreciated stock. Take your deduction at the current share price, not the basis. Give away the capital gains instead of taking the tax hit.

Download your free prospectus today to see how a donor-advised fund at DonorsTrust can benefit you.

Free bonus: 6 Key Reasons to Use a Donor-Advised Fund:

Download your prospectus today and we will send you 6 Key Reasons to Use a Donor-Advised Fund. This short piece outlines the top benefits you'll enjoy when you open your charitable giving fund at DonorsTrust.

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